Ion Club Headoffice // Office Weilheim

ION CLUB headoffice // Office Weilheim

Day of German unity...

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Ion Club // German Brand Award

ION CLUB // german brand award

...and the Winnner is - ION CLUB

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Ion Club Sal // Center Santa Maria

ION CLUB Sal // Center Santa Maria

Unfortunately, this time we have very sad news for you...

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Ion Club Karpathos - Bike Week


BIKE WEEK at ION CLUB Karpathos 27.09. - 04.10.2016. Choose your favorite accommodation and your desired bike - and let`s go. And the good thing is, you also have time...

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Ion Club Mauritius // Child's Play

ION CLUB Mauritius // Child's play

„Children have always been the future of any kind of sport and that‘s where we should begin!“.

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Ion Club Golf De Roses // Full On Until 25.09.2016

ION CLUB Golf de Roses // Full on until 25.09.2016

The ION CLUB Golf de Roses and the Camping la Ballena Alegre will be open this summer until the 25.09.2016...

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Ion Club Mauritius Prestige // Bb Talkin' Point

ION CLUB mauritius prestige // Bb Talkin' Point

Here at ION CLUB Mauritius - Prestige, we have a new radio communication system. We now use Bb Talkin' units...  

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Ion Club Karpathos // In Full Power

ion club Karpathos // in full power

From late June the local trade wind Meltemi hit the Dodecanese with full power. With just a few days rest we have been experiencing one of the best windsurfing summers we...

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Sailing & Sup - Ibiza And Mallorca

Sailing & SUP - Ibiza and Mallorca

How can the true beauty of the Balearic sea be discovered better than on a sailboat? Far away from mass tourism and beaches full of party addict package...

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Xperience Mauritius October

XPERIENCE Mauritius October

If you are looking for a high class allround sports vacation you should not miss this event in Mauritius!

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