Ion Club Essaouira // One Surf  One Trash

ION CLUB ESSAOUIRA // One surf one trash

One surf, one trash idea is to bring one piece of trash after your surf session...

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Ion Club Karpathos // Super Special In May And October

ion club karpathos // super special in may and october

As always in May until October we will offer our Super Special ...

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Ion Club Worldwide // Online Booking To Paradise

ion club worldwide // online booking to paradise

We want to create a new and simple way to get your dream holiday ...

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Ion Club Mauritius // Ninja Bichler Article In The Kitemag.

ION CLUB Mauritius // Ninja Bichler article in the Kitemag.

Steph Fournet tells the story in photos at the latest The Kitemag.

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Ion Club Cabarete // Sup - River - Lagoon - Tour

ION CLUB CABARETE // sup - river - lagoon - tour

Sweetie, from ION CLUB Cabarete takes you to the pristine freshwater lagoon ...

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Ion Club Dahab // Becomes Fanatic The Boarders Center Dahab

ion club dahab // becomes fanatic the Boarders center dahab

So we will integrate Dahab in our FBC brand ...

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Ion Club Mauritius // Rescue - Always An Eye On You


Armed with a realistic estimation of your skills ...

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Ion Club Teos // New Boutique Hotel - Maya Bistro Beach

ion club teos // new boutique hotel - Maya Bistro Beach

The new Maya Bistro. Beach. Boutique. Hotel ...

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Ion Club Essaouira // Biking & Surfing

ion club essaouira // Biking & surfing

ION CLUB Essaouira has been renting out mountain-bikes since last year ...

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Ion Club Karpathos // Ooooooooommmmm 2017

ION CLUB KARPATHOS // ooooooooommmmm 2017

Veronika is our yoga teacher and masseuse at the ION CLUB Karpathos and she will be offering a broad variety of yoga sessions ...

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