ION Club Tarifa 2.0 – Follow the Movement

Ion Club Tarifa _ follow the movement

ION Club Tarifa 2.0 – Follow the Movement


What a rollercoaster ride the last two years have been for the whole tourism industry – or even the entire world for that matter. The challenges we faced were unprecedented and forced us to re-think and re-organise major parts of our product range and activities.


 Every challenge and every change, however, also holds a chance. A chance to re-invent, to focus, to improve and to get better. Changes & Chances is therefore the new ION CLUB Moto for 2022.

We´re proud and super excited not only to finally see all of you on the beach in our destinations again, but also to show you what we worked on!

ION CLUB Tarifa 2.0 – the new Standard of Surfing Elements

 Tarifa is one of our oldest and most legendary destinations. For more than 30 years, ION CLUB has been present in Tarifa. Now and during those years we have kept on developing and pushing forward. We started with only one Center at the Hurricane Hotel Beach, offering Windsurfing Rental and Lessons for all Levels.

Then, in 1998 Kitesurfing came along and we opened one of the first Kiteboarding Centers at Valdevaqueros Beach in Tarifa. At this time, the place was little more than a cow field with a little old stone house on it. What made it special was the conditions on the water and the mile long white sandy beach.

Over the next 2-3 years, this beach and Tarifa in general became one of the most famous Kitesurfing spots worldwide. Offering the perfect infrastructure for Kite, and Windsurfers alike. 

A lot has changed since then. Valdevaqueros beach turned from a little Cow field in the middle of nowhere to one of the most famous beaches in Spain and with it came the large crowd of party people.

At first our Centers benefited greatly from this development and grew in one of the biggest Kite and Windsurf centres worldwide. Our values and promises to our guest remained unchanged over all these years.



In 2022 we will not change this promise, but we will re-focus even more on those core values. Our Team Members will do absolutely everything in their power to ensure you have the best Kitesurfing, Wingsurfing or Windsurfing holiday you could possibly have!

In order to expand on and share our passion for the ocean, the wind, and those amazing sports, we´ve been looking for a new home in Tarifa!

A place where likeminded people can meet in a chilled and friendly atmosphere. We couldn´t be prouder and more excited to have found this place just 300m away from the now party-focused Valdevaqueros / Tumbao Beach. Our new Center is located even closer to the water than before, connected to an amazing Beach Bar and Restaurant. The already famous Bibo beach bar & Restaurant together with the chilled Tangana Beach Bar next door, will not only provide you with the best food and snacks between your sessions on the water, but also with a very special and relaxed ambience. 

The wind conditions are exactly the same as before, while the beach is less populated by bathers and other Kite, and Windsurfers. Especially in Spring and Autumn, right in front of the Center beginners and kids find a small lagoon to practice in shallow water their first rides.

Last but not least, our new Center in Tarifa not only offers you the latest equipment from Duotone and Fanatic, but also from other top brands of the Watersports Industry. Therefore, the choice of gear was never greater than in our new Center in Tarifa.

 We cannot wait to welcome you!


From Tarifa to ION CLUB

Leave the town of Tarifa at the roundabout near the Mercadona and Dia supermarkets. To reach the N340, take the left turn, in the direction of Cadiz.

Stay on this road for about 10-12 minutes. You will pass a gas station on your right, and a little further on the Hurricane Hotel on your left. The mountains are still on your right and the ocean on your left.

Continue driving almost to the end of the coast, and just before the dune, just after the yellow restaurant and the black house "ZERO 9", turn left before the next bend. Continue to the beach parking lot of the ION CLUB Tarifa center and the BiBo Beach House in front of you.

From Jerez to Tarifa

Follow the A-381 towards the A-390 for about 24 km and take exit 24, then leave the A-381. Then take the A-396 towards the N-340/E5 for about 22 km, then finally turn left onto the N-340/E5 (follow the signs for "Tarifa/Algeciras") and continue driving for about 40 km. Once you have passed the village of Facinas, just before Tarifa, you will see signs for "Punta Paloma" on the right. Continue driving for another kilometer and just before the restaurant ZERO 9, turn right and continue to the beach parking. Our center is located right next to the BiBo Beach House bar and restaurant.

From Malaga to Tarifa

A rental car is highly recommended to get from the airport to Tarifa, and will come in handy during your trip.

Leaving the airport in Malaga, take the AP-7 highway to Algeciras/Cadiz as the fastest route. It shortens the trip considerably compared to the national road, which takes about 35 minutes longer.

After passing Algeciras, continue towards Cádiz on the N-340, passing through the village of Pelayo, in the mountains. After about 20 km you will see Tarifa.

To get to the center, pass the town of Tarifa, then a gas station 1 km further on your right hand side on the mountain side, a little further the Hurricane hotel on your left hand side on the ocean side, and finally, about 3 more km, you will see the Camping Valdevaqueros. Continue driving for 200 meters and just after the restaurant "ZERO 9", turn left and continue to the beach parking lot. Our center is located right next to the BiBo Beach House.

It is also possible to land in Seville, but it takes ½ hour longer to get to Tarifa, i.e. 2h15 instead of 1h45 from Malaga airport to Tarifa.



N-340, Km. 76, 6, 11380 Casas de Porro, Cádiz, Spain


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