Mauritius: Is the wave at One Eye a real monster?

The Indian Ocean, and especially the Mauritian coastline offer a multitude of versatile spots for kitesurfing and windsurfing.

In Mauritius you have the opportunity to sail in shallow water lagoons, as well as exploring the waves of Manawa in front of the ION CLUB Mauritius centre. Advanced riders who are really comfortable in those bigger conditions, have the opportunity to test themselves on the world famous One Eye wave.

Where is One Eye ?

The wave that so many people dream about, and is so often featured in videos and magazines is located north of the Morne beach, in the south-west of Mauritius. More precisely, in the lee of the Pointe du Morne.

The launch is directly from the magnificent beach. You can test your level on the first waves of the reef, closer to the land and much easier to surf. If you are confident, maybe you’ll have the chance to ride One Eye, a few more tacks away.

The spot, or rather the wave, is quite far from the shore, so be sure of the weather and make sure the wind strength is enough to plane all the way.

The ION CLUB Mauritius is a kite and windsurfing centre located on the beach of Le Morne and open all year round thanks to a team of professional instructors who know the local spots, notably One Eye.

You should always ask their advice before going to ride the famous wave. In addition, some days are reserved for Mauritian surfers only.

first view of the entry of Ion Club Le Morne Centre, on of Mauritius Ion Club Centres
black and white picture about kitesurfer going down to the sky after doing a big jump with his kite
black and white picture about kitesurfer going down to the sky after doing a big jump with his kite
kite instructor from Ion Club Le Morne in Mauritius riding confortable and like profesional under the water

When is the best time of year to sail in Mauritius and surf One Eye?

The trade winds blow nearly 300 days a year in Mauritius, mainly from May to November. The waves are more consistent at this time of the year, during the southern winter.

The water is warm and pleasant to sail in, varying from 21 to 28° depending on the period, and the air temperature from 20 to 30° more or less. An ideal climate for getting out in board shorts, bikinis, or shorty’s.

Who can ride One Eye?

Like any good kitesurfer or windsurfer, it is important to be informed about the weather conditions, the strength of the wind, the state of the water, and of course the wave forecast for the thrill-seekers.

The height of the swell and the frequency and direction of the waves are all really important. Once you’ve got all this information, it’s up to you to decide if you’re ready to go out on the One Eye wave, or if it’s better to wait for another time.

Sailing conditions in Mauritius are sometimes light, and this wave can be less ferocious than you might think on some days. However, you need to have good wave sailing experience, as this wave breaks on a shallow coral reef.

The wind blows off-shore, and the wave is both powerful and fast. It will be necessary to tell a friend or the ION CLUB centre if you decide to go out and ride this wave, which is respected by many surfers, kitesurfers and windsurfers both locally and around the world.

Choose high tide and at least 20 knots of wind to get away from the spot quickly should One Eye tell you it’s not your day to ride it.

Again, it’s quite far from the beach, and the current will increase the drift if the wind drops or drops off completely.

In big conditions, you should have a very high level in the waves. Being a good wave rider is not negligible, and you should know the ocean perfectly and be used to riding big waves.

Once launched, it is not enough to simply surf it. You need to have a good command of your equipment, no matter what you’re riding.

One Eye is a smooth, ultra-fast, tubular and thankfully long wave. Great fun in perfect conditions, but not for everyone!

Small surfers waiting in front of the wave spot in Le Morne zone, Mauritius

Are you ready to surf One Eye ?

One Eye is a perfect wave and perfection has to be worked for! When the time comes, you will ride it like you’ve never ridden such an incredible wave before!Although it is not jaw-dropping Jaws, the Hawaiian wave, or the Nazaré wave in Portugal, both of which are reserved for big wave riding professionals, the Mauritian wave requires both a certain amount of information from the local riders and the right weather.

If you feel confident and you have the right set up, conditions, advice and knowledge, One Eye could be the wave of your life.

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