Kitesurf Storage

Kitesurf Storage
Starting at 50€/person

Kitesurf Storage Tarifa

Feel like bringing your own equipment but don’t want to have to deal with the daily logistic side of this option ?
Our ION CLUB in Tarifa is based right in front of the most famous kitesurfing spot in Tarifa, – Valdevaqueros. As one of our storage guest, you will have your own private storage box assigned to you. In this box you will be able to fit up to three kites, your harness and of course your twintip board.

Besides the box, you will be free to use all the other center facilities, such as showers, changing rooms, Wifi and so on. The Kite storage boxes are accesable from outside the center, so you are not bound to the opening times of the Center. 

In case the wind is different than what you expected, of course you can always top up your own equipment range with our brandnew Duotone rental gear. 

Making your holiday life easier is our pleasure !

Our offers

Kitesurf Storage Large


from 45 € / Person



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        You will be able to use our facilities at the center (shower, lockers, etc...)


        Kitesurf Storage Small


        Store your own gear directly on the spot!

        from 35 € / Person


        Store your own gear directly on the spot!


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              Looking for a Tailor-Made Trip ?

              The Kitesurf Spot in Tarifa

              The Kitesurf  spot in front of our ION CLUB Center at Valdevaqueros is for sure one of the most famous and well known spots for kitesurfing around the world. The famous Levante wind blows side, to side offshore through the bay, while Poniente is side onshore from the right. Due to the rather closed shape of the bay, Kitesurfing is extremely safe, even if the wind is sometimes quite strong and slightly offshore. The variety of conditions makes Tarifa an absolute paradise for Kitesurfers of all levels!

              A word about

              ION CLUB Tarifa

              Tarifa is located on the southernmost tip of the European continent, where the Strait of Gibraltar and the African coast are so close that they almost touch. Due to the jet effect of the Strait of Gibraltar, the winds get additional force and accelerate on the exit of the Strait, often reaching up to 30 knots and more on the good days.

              Especially from April to November, Tarifa is blessed with an almost 100% wind guarantee. The combination of wind, beautiful landscapes, amazing infrastructure of shops, restaurants, bars, and an outstanding nightlife - make Tarifa one of the top locations for windsurfers and kitesurfers from all over the world.

              Our Center in Tarifa is situated right on the most famous beach for windsurfing and kiting - Valdevaqueros. Besides Windsurf and Kitesurf rental, our international team of certified instructors offer a great variety of different lessons. People with own equipment can make use of our extensive storage facilities.

              On the same property there is also the famous Tumbao beach bar and Valdevaqueros restaurant.


              BEST PERIODS

              April, May, June, July, August, September, October


              During Summer time the dominating wind is Levante blowing from East (cross offshore from the left), in Autumn and Spring it is Poniente blowing from West (sideshore to cross onshore from the right).


              Choppy to flat water in Summer and some good swell can come in during Autumn and Winter season.

              HOW TO GET TO TARIFA?

              From Malaga to Tarifa

              Leave the airport, taking the AP-7 motorway in the direction of Algeciras/ Cadiz will be the fastest route (approx cost is 15 euros). It shortens the trip considerably as compared with the national road, which takes approx. 35 minutes more.

              From Jerez to Tarifa

              Follow the A-381 in the direction of A-390 for about 24 km and take the exit 24 and leave A-381. Take the A-396 in the direction of N-340/E5 for about 22 km and then take left on the N-340/E5 (follow the signs saying "Tarifa/Algeciras") and keep driving for about 40 km. When you arrive in Tarifa, you will see the Valdevaqueros Camping on your left, turn right after the camping and you'll find the ION CLUB Tarifa on the beach, next to Tumbao bar.

              From Algeciras

              Continue in the direction of Cadiz on the N-340, passing through the village of Pelayo in the mountains ; after about 20 km, Tarifa can be seen ahead.
              To get to the center, drive on past the town of Tarifa and after about 10 km the Hurricane Hotel center can be seen on the left. After a further 2 km, turn right at Valdevaqueros Camping and take a U turn to take the Valdevaqueros Entrance now on your right and continue on to the ION CLUB Valdevaqueros Center, which you will find on the beach next to Tumbao bar. 

              N-340, Km76, 11380 Tarifa, Cádiz, Spain

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              A story of pioneer since 1985

              YEARS EXPERIENCE




              YEARS EXPERIENCE




              The story of the ION CLUB tells of people who have turned their passion for windsurfing and kitesurfing into a profession. Since its founding in 1985, customer orientation, team spirit, innovation and professionalism have been the top priorities of our corporate philosophy.
              The ION CLUB / Club Mistral has gained a lot of experience in the 30 years of its existence and has developed more and more into a company that focuses on communicating with guests and fulfilling their needs and wishes.
              With 16 water sports schools worldwide, we are one of the leading companies in this field. ION CLUB has a network of international partners in different countries. We strive to be international and multicultural and express this through the selection of our employees, who currently come from 24 different countries.