The 10 Best Christmas Gifts for Kitesurfing Enthusiasts

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Give an Ion Club Gift Card for an Unforgettable Adventure

Christmas is coming and you don’t have any gift ideas for somebody who is passionate about kitesurfing? ION CLUB has the solution! We are offering gift cards starting at €50, valid for 36 months at all of our kitesurfing centers and destinations. It’s up to you to define the amount when you purchase, which can be done either online on our website, by calling us directly, by e-mail, or by live chat.

The advantage for the lucky recipient is that he or she will be able to spend the ION CLUB gift card on their spot of choice, and on the activity that suits them best. Windsurfing, kitesurfing, wingfoil, surfing, stand-up paddling, training courses or rentals, the choice is endless! Another plus point is that the gift card can be used in installments.

Kiites: The ultimate gift for thrill-seekers

When it comes to Christmas gifts for kitesurfers the most exceptional is probably a kite, and why not a Duotone kite? Just make sure that you choose the right size, the right program and the right brand for your lucky person. It is important to tell the store what level of rider they are, where they are used to sailing, and in what conditions they like to ride. If you don’t really know, ask your kiteboarder’s friends.

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Kitesurfing Harnesses: Comfort and Safety Guaranteed

One of the best and most affordable Christmas gifts for kitesurfing fans is the ION harness, an essential accessory for kitesurfing! It’s the one item that kitesurfers cannot do without if they want to be comfortable on the water, so it’s important to be sure that your loved one will be able to change it in case it doesn’t quite fit. Harnesses come in a range of sizes, and while some are suitable for both men and women, others are designed for women only, and others for men only.

As with a kite, it’s important to know what kind of kitesurfing the person you’re buying the harness for does. A freestyle harness should be light and flexible, whereas a freeride harness is stiffer and more comfortable. Also, some harnesses now have lumbar reinforcements, which are important for relieving back strain.

Note that 2 types of harness are used by kitesurfers: The waist harness (the most widely used) and the seat harness, which is more popular with speed kiteboarders and kitefoilers.

Last but not least, it’s even better if the harness offered under the Christmas tree has a line cutter to ensure even greater safety for the kiteboarder, although this can also be added at a later date.

Kitesurfing Lessons: Introduce your loved ones to this captivating sport

Why not get everyone in your family into kitesurfing ? What an original gift! Make sure however, that this Christmas present will delight those concerned, and that they are at least sporty and fit. If you are a beginner yourself this will be an opportunity to share an unforgettable and fantastic moment. If on the other hand you are already a passionate kitesurfer with a good level, this will be the perfect opportunity to go on a kite trip all together, with your tribe having the same objective: to kite!

There are private courses, semi-private (each with their own kite with a single instructor) or group courses (3 to 4 trainees for one instructor and a kite to share with another person of the same level).

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Indispensable Accessories: Carry Bag and Waterproof Action Camera

When it comes to the festive season, giving a kitesurfing related Christmas present can be an accessory that has nothing directly to do with equipment. These days more and more riders like to share their adventures on social networks, or simply keep good memories of their sessions. So a small waterproof action camera that riders can place on their helmet, on their kite or on a pole attached to their harness is a great gift.

A waterproof camera means great pictures … and that means kite trips to dream spots you’re not used to. Now  is probably a good time to offer your loved one a kitesurfing equipment bag, i.e. a board bag, so you can take your own equipment anywhere in the world, to any spot on the planet.

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Neoprene Wetsuits: Stay Warm and Comfortable

Giving a gift of kitesurfing equipment at Christmas means first and foremost thinking about the comfort and safety of the person you want to please, and that starts before you have a kite or board. Of course, it’s the ION neoprene wetsuit that the kitesurfer must wear. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced kiteboarder, it’s vital to be warm once you’re on the water. A neoprene wetsuit should be changed every 3 years or so for kitesurfers who ride regularly. Don’t be mistaken in size or thickness, as some are warmer than others, depending on water and air temperature. And each brand distributes several different models, depending on how the wetsuit will be used and how often the rider will use it. Other points not to be overlooked are elasticity (quality neoprene for easier donning) and the interior of the item in question, with some wetsuits boasting a polarized layer on the inside that allows them to dry more quickly, which is very ingenious for those lucky enough to ride for several days at a time, especially necessary in cold waters and in winter.

Kitesurfing Helmet: Safety and Style in One Gift

One of the most important gifts for kitesurfing enthusiasts is the ION helmet, to ensure the safety of the kiteboarder. It’s true that it can be a little embarrassing, and that you may feel a little ridiculous, but it’s so reassuring to have it on your head! And if you want your loved one to be even happier with their Christmas present, choose a stylish helmet that will make them look their best. Kite brands offer a vast choice, and there’s something for everyone to look like the rider they’ve always wanted to be! Just remember to get the right size!

Anti-UV Lycra: Enjoy the Sun in Safety

When you think of Christmas and kitesurfing at the same time, you don’t immediately think of being hot and sunburnt! And yet, an anti-UV lycra could be just the Christmas present your kitesurfing loved one won’t be packing for a future kite trip. Imagine warm water and 30° air, and what could be better than sailing around in a swimsuit with nothing on your shoulders…a big mistake! Anti-UV lycra will prevent sunburn, so you can ride the next day in complete peace of mind. Some lycras offer better protection than others, so it’s up to you to choose the one you need and the right size. It can even be used in winter under neoprene wetsuits to keep kitesurfers warmer.

Repair Kit: For Worry-Free Sessions

As a small kitesurfing gift at Christmas, the rider should always have a repair kit in his or her quiver. It’s always handy in case of a small breakage on the spot or just before a session. Fortunately, this doesn’t happen very often, but it can save many a kiteboarding session! You need to think about both your kite and your board.

For the kite, the repair kit will include patches for a slight tear in the spinnaker, patches for the dacron and also for the inflatable bladders, not forgetting spare valves.

For the board, resin, hardener, polyester or carbon fiber, and putty.

And to prevent water from getting into your wetsuit without having to change it too often, it’s always a good idea to have neoprene glue and neoprene patches in your repair kit.

Kitesurfing Magazine Subscription: Stay Informed and Inspired

We agree, reading is important, and to make it even more exciting for your loved one, why not offer them a subscription to a kitesurfing magazine! With articles every month, a special maneuvers issue and a special kitesurfing equipment issue, this is the year’s reading program, or how to stay informed and inspired for 12 months! We can offer you Kite Mag or Duotone Mag.

As you can see, the buying guide for kitesurfing-related Christmas gifts is certainly much broader than you might imagine. Other gift ideas for Christmas will also be significant to kitesurfers: a waterproof pouch for your car key or phone, an impact vest for protection against blows, a poncho for putting on your wetsuit or undressing quietly on the spot, a GPS watch specially designed for water activities, and of course a kiteboard. The list goes on and on, and it would be a shame to miss out on a great Christmas gift that’s sure to please your kitesurfing fan.

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