Risco del Paso in Fuerteventura: Why is it important to check the tide tables before going windsurfing?


Fuerteventura, an island in the east of the Canary archipelago, is the perfect place to practice all kinds of water sports in winter and in summer, especially in the south at the stunning spot of Risco del Paso. At high and low tide, optimal conditions for windsurfing are on offer. An added bonus for this spot is the lagoon which, depending on the tide, appears for many weeks of the year in daytime, allowing the spot to expand its sailing area suitable for any level of windsurfing.

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What are the sailing conditions at Risco del Paso / Fuerteventura?

From March to November, the wind blows regularly. To the south-east, close to the town of Costa Calma, is the magnificent sandy beach of Risco del Paso where many windsurfers enjoy sailing because the spot is so worth it. In the summer, the wind blows with more strength, around 20 knots in the morning, then accelerates in the afternoon to 35 or even 40 knots. In spring and autumn, the wind is lighter but it still blows, and there is still water time to be had! 

For freeride, slalom and freestyle enthusiasts, Risco del Paso is the perfect place to progress in windsurfing or to learn windsurfing. Do you want flat water or almost flat water? Then don’t wait another second to buy your ticket and come and test this magical spot. The ION CLUB centre has been in business for several decades and will guide you in your choice of equipment. The passionate instructors will do their best to make you fall in love with windsurfing if you are a beginner, or to improve your level for windsurfers already fully into this incredible sport.

What does the spot really have to offer? 

The spot awaits you with open arms, but be warned … long distance lovers will be feeling the burn in their own arms! The wind blows side-off, and the windsurfers sail almost parallel to the beach, although this is not necessarily reassuring for those less experienced. However, fortunately, at high tide, more or less every other week during the day, a lagoon is created right in front of the ION CLUB centre, and this remains for seven to eight days. This will delight those fans of shallow water windsurfing spots. The magic happens here, it’s time to take some risks never taken before for beginners and intermediate surfers who haven’t yet mastered tacking, beach starts, footstraps or the harness. The more experienced can also tack, although these are much shorter runs than on the ocean, but this may be a good time to try jibes or to perfect your water start.

The other advantage of having this lagoon is that windsurfers who are heading out sailing on the ocean can spend less time carrying kit and simply sail through some of the lagoon cutting off the walking time! 

One last thing, sometimes two smaller lagoons are also created depending on the time of year. These have less water, however beginners will find it a nice playground!

How to find out about the tides in Risco del paso?

Study the information carefully and look for the days that follow each other from a high tide around 1pm to the first day of a full lagoon. Of course, don’t hesitate to contact the ION CLUB Risco del Paso centre, as this will be the best way to find the information you need to prepare for your future holidays in Fuerteventura!

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