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Opening Time // Hours

November untill March, daily 10am - 5pm
July and August, daily 10am - 7pm
Rest of the year, daily 10am - 6pm

closed for renovation: 01.-17.12.2018

Team Windsurfing // Kitesurfing

Sebastien Deflandre & Martin Rousson & Team


English, French, Arabic, Spanish, German, Italian

Wind Direction

Sideshore from the right, autumn and winter sometimes shideshore from the left


Semidry in winter, Steamer in summer

Surf Shoes



Wetsuit, harness, helmet, lifejacket, surf shoes rental is limited, therefore we recommend to bring your own accessoires

Best Travel Period

May until August

Special rental rates

November until February 

Non-Consecutive Days // Joker Voucher

September until March, June

Surf’n & Play

Each day the kids learn one sport during 1.5 hour.
On the fourth and last day we will repeat the sport which the kids liked most.
Prerequisites: each child must be able to swim and must not be afraid of the sea.
The courses take place in very small groups with a maximum number of 4 children.


Windsurfing and Kitesurfing possible

W-Lan- connection

Yes, at the center

cover+ (WS & KS)

1 week = 60 Euro, 2 weeks = 90 Euro, 3 weeks = 110 Euro

The Cover+ package covers all damage to your board and sail. Loss or damage arising from gross negligence is not covered.

Payment Possibilities

Euro, local currency, credit cards: Visa & Mastercard


Windsurfing Details
Windsurfing Quantity Boards // Rigs

Approx. 45 Boards, 90 Rigs (3.0 m² - 7.3 m²), 2x windsurffoil

Windsurfing Tuition

During winter (Nov to April) Advanced lesson only (from waterstart)
During Summer (May to October) All level

No group lesson available.

Windsurfing Kids & Youngsters Equipment


Kitesurfing Details
Quantity kites // boards

Approx. 90 Kites and 35 Boards (Kite sizes: 3.5m² - 17m²), 2x kitefoil 

Kitesurfing Tuition

Complete tuition program

Other Sport // Activities

Kayaks, Skate ramp, Beach Volleyball, Beach Soccer, Regular and eMountain-biking, Surfing, SUPing, Trips to Wave Spots (Sidi Kaouki and Moulay), Hiking - equipment can be taken with but without insurance cover.

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