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Opening Time // Hours

All year, daily 9.00 am - 6.00 pm


Dido Mansour & Team


English, French, Arabic, Spanish and German


Possible from each Hotel to the ION CLUB Dakhla Lagoon Center

Wind Direction

Sideshore from the right


Steamer in winter, shorty in summer

Surf Shoes

not needed


Wetsuit, harness, helmet, lifejacket, surf shoes rental is limited, therefore we recommend to bring your own accessoires

Best Travel Period

All year

Special Rental Rates // Joker Voucher


Surf’n & Play

Not at the moment



cover+ (WS & KS)

1 week = 60 Euro, 2 weeks =90 Euro, 3 weeks = 110 Euro

The Cover+ package covers all damage to your board and sail. Loss or damage arising from gross negligence is not covered.

Payment Possibilities

Euro, local currency, Visacard & Mastercard


Windsurfing Details

Windsurfing Quantity Boards // Rigs

Approx. 20 Boards, 40 rigs (sizes: 1.7 m² - 8.2 m²)

Windsurfing Tuition

Complete ION CLUB Tuition Program

Windsurfing Kids & Youngsters Equipment


Kitesurfing Details

Quantity Kites // Boards

Approx. 32 Boards, 120 Kites (sizes: 2.5 m² - 18 m²), 3x Kitefoil 


Kitesurfing Tuition

Complete tuition program. For advanced Kiters we offer now only private and semiprivate tuition.

Other Sport // Activities

Excursions to Wave Spots, Surfing, Fishing Excursions, Guided Downwinders, Visit to the Thermal Sulfur Spring, Boat Trip to the "White Dune" and "Dragon Island", Welcome Cocktail, Kayak, SUP


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