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Essaouira, on Morocco’s Atlantic coast, is an outstanding surfing spot. International surfing competitions are held at Essaouira, Morocco’s windiest coastal town. Surf freaks swear by the wild, mountainous waves.

The Purple Islands (Isle of Mogador), off the bay, are the reason why the waves in the bay of Essaouira are smaller and less dangerous than at other spots. The bay of Essaouira is especially suitable for novice and intermediate surfers.

Unimpeded, the winter gales sweep across the flat lowlands. In summer, constant sea winds force temperatures down and bring waves to Morocco’s coast. Water temperatures reach a maximum of 18° C. Wind and wave conditions are especially good between May and September. Morocco is a year-round surfing Mecca.

Join us to discover through an unforgettable experience, why so many are hooked on surfing, with tuition from our dedicated, highly-qualified, and experienced team of surf instructors.

Our group lessons are best suited for both absolute beginners and beginner-intermediate level surfers. During the lessons you will learn about ocean currents, types of waves, warmup techniques, how to stand up, and finally, basic turns.

Our private lessons give you one-on-one time with an instructor, where we can identify skills that need improvement. We can focus on green wave riding, paddling techniques, duck-diving, and advanced surfing manoeuvres etc. The choice is yours. Note: These lessons are best suited to beginner-intermediate to advanced surfers.

• No or little surf experience
• Learning the safety rules
• Learning board position, paddling, stand-up (take off)
• Surfing white water waves

• some surf experience
• Can steer the board (Ieft/right)
• able to catch small, or white water waves

• some surfing experience and wants to improve
• Knows how duck dive/get out to the back
• Rides white water waves

Our courses offer something for everyone and for every skill level. Besides the practical element, we put high emphasis on surfing theory, such as safety rules, waves and the ocean and the surf equipment.

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Surf & SUP Equipment ION Club Essaouira

Our courses offer something for everyone and for every skill level. Besides the practical element, we put high emphasis on surfing theory, such as safety rules, waves and the ocean and the surf equipment.

Safety in practicing Surf & SUP Essaouira

Safety in Essaouira

Safety at the ION CLUB Essaouira is a top priority!
The team at Essaouira is always looking over the windsurfers during opening hours, and able to act immediately in case of any emergency. The safety team is ready at all times to attend rescues with the lifeboat.


With our semi-private and private courses you are certainly the most flexible. You and the wind determine the length and starting time of your lessons. For the group courses we have to assume fixed start and end times, which everyone has to stick to.

A word about

ION CLUB Essaouira

Essaouira is a coastal city with beaches as far as the eye can see and counts amongst the "model destinations" for windsurfers, kitesurfers and surfers worldwide. The architecture of the old town is strongly influenced by Portuguese, French, and Berber culture. The massive appearance of the walls gives the city a mystical sublimity and explains it’s original name “Mogador“ – small fortress.

Essaouira is a perfect all-round spot, with great conditions for windsurfers, Kitesurfers, and Surfers alike. The wind blows side shore from the right and especially during the summer months, the steady trade winds get reinforced by the thermic and often reach up to 6-7 Bft.

Our ION CLUB Center in Essaouira is situated around 20 minutes walk from the Medina and offers beside the latest equipment from Duotone, Fanatic, and ION all facilities you could wish for.

The Ocean Vagabond Restaurant and Bar next door, takes care of hungry and thirsty Surfers and offers sunbeds to relax on the terrace.


May, June, July, August


The wind blows sideshore from the right. Some days it is a bit gusty and turns slightly offshore at wind speeds of more than 7 Beaufort. Between June and August the thermal enforces the trade wind, creating more challenging conditions for kitesurfers.


Downwind of the centre, the wave conditions are particularly great in spring and autumn (1-2 meters). Due to the strong wind, the waves are slightly smaller from mid June to August (0.5-1 meters). Beginners and speed surfers are in good hands further upwind of the bay.


From Marrakesh

Leave the airport and follow the road to the city center. On the first cross, you can see the sign "Essaouira" on the left side. Follow the road about 170 km till you arrive in Essaouira. The roads are well repaired and the trip will take you about 2 hours.
 When you arrive in Essaouira you take the coast street with the ocean on your left side. Follow this road till you see the ION CLUB Center. The center is built out of wood with blue and white colors and is called “Ocean Vagabond”.

From Agadir

Leave the airport and take the road to the city center. When you arrive at the main coast street you will see the sign “Essaouira". Follow this road about 180 km. It will take about 3 hours because there are a lot of turns in the road. When you arrive at the first crossing in Essaouira, go straight to the coast street, you will find ION CLUB Center on your left in the blue and white chalet called “Ocean Vagabond”.

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