Mauritius : Kitesurfing in Paradise Le Morne

Mauritius : Kitesurfing in Paradise Le Morne


Kitesurfing and Windsurfing in Paradise Mauritius with ION CLUB Le Morne

The island of Mauritius in the east of Madagascar is a real treasure in the middle of the Indian Ocean. The tropical volcanic island is not only a popular destination amongst adventure seekers and hikers, but also for windsurfers and kitesurfers from all over the world. Enjoy kitesurfing in Paradise Mauritius. 

In just a few kilometers along the coast, you will encounter any conditions and kite spots you could possibly think of, making Mauritius an outstanding Kitesurfing destinations. On the one hand there is the beautiful shallow water lagoon in Le Morne, but also wave spots like Little Reef, Manawa or famous One Eye more suitable for experienced Kitesurfers.

What you should know about the wind conditions for kitesurfing on Mauritius

The watersports center ION CLUB in Le Morne is located directly at the best kitesurfing spots of Mauritius. A spacious shallow water turquoise lagoon in the southwest of the island, surrounded by sandy beaches. Constant onshore winds blow into the lagoon from the north and, combined with a maximum water depth between knee-high and chest-deep, make it an extremely safe area for beginners and intermediates. With average wind speeds of 20 to 25 knots, the kitesurf conditions in Le Morne offer close to perfect conditions for any wind sport.

Visitors and surf students will benefit from the large area of shallow depth, which is especially appealing for beginners. But also for freeriders and freestylers will love it here. The colors of the water range from crystal clear, to turquoise and reach into deep blue. Surrounded by a scenic background that could hardly be more impressive, surfers spend their vacation in a breathtaking landscape.

Your Kitesurf centre at ION CLUB Le Morne

Professionalism is what stands out most about the ION CLUB. You can book your courses and the excellent rental gear either in advance or be equipped on the spot according to your needs. The friendly ION CLUB team is your first point of contact on site when it comes to guiding you through the conditions at the surf spot and offers a high level of expertise in kite and windsurfing training. Our goal is to turn you kitesurf holiday on mauritius to the best Trip you ever made.

Besides the experienced coaches, the ION CLUB itself has many advantages for visitors. You will find a super infrastructure at the spot, ranging from changing rooms, to showers and a good Wireless connection. A spacious chillout area overlooks the spot and offers the opportunity to quickly recharge your batteries between sessions.

This is what the coaches say about themselves: “We really share our passion at the ION CLUB. Giving our guests an insight into a new sport at this unique Kitesurfer’s paradise is the greatest thing for us.

It drives us to see how they learn something new and shortly after share our enthusiasm for kiting and windsurfing. The smile on their faces often tells us that they will carry this experience with them forever. And that’s exactly our goal: to create experiences that will leave them with lasting memories of their great time with us in Le Morne.”


Where is Mauritius ? 

” The island of Mauritius in the east of Madagascar is a real treasure in the middle of the Indian Ocean. The tropical volcanic island is not only a popular destination amongst adventure seekers and hikers, but also for windsurfers and kitesurfers from all over the world. Enjoy kitesurfing in Paradise Mauritius. “

The best route to Mauritius

The majority of water sports enthusiasts travel to Mauritius from Europe. Direct connections are offered from several major airports – including Paris, Frankfurt and London. The flight time is about twelve hours.

If no direct flight can be found for the day of your departure, flights are also offered two to three times a day from Dubai Mauritius’ international airport. Via this hub, you can be on the island within six hours.

After arriving at the destination airport, the travel time to Le Morne is only about one hour. During the drive to the spot you can admire the tropical landscape, which makes time fly by. There is only about three hours time difference between Mauritius and Europe, which makes the jet lag absolutely manageable. The day after your arrival you can start full of energy into the first eventful day of your vacation.

What makes Mauritius an attractive place to live, even for locals?


There is probably no other place in the world as diverse as Mauritius in terms of surfing conditions. Water sports enthusiasts get the chance to improve in a variety of disciplines. Flat water, waves, onshore and offshore winds contribute to the fact that the days on Mauritius are never boring. Whether windsurfing, kitesurfing, surfing or wingfoiling, this playground is a paradise for every surfer!

The perfect day on the spot


… starts with a hearty breakfast buffet with a view of the spot. This way, you can save yourself the trouble of looking at your wind and weather apps and trust entirely in your own judgment. If it looks like the wind is not quite there yet, you can sign up at the ION CLUB for the half-day surf trip to Small Reef. You will be back around 11:30 to start the next part of your day.

The wind has most likely picked up in the last few hours and is now getting up to at least 20 knots of wind speed. As the water rises, it usually picks up more and more, which gives you a good idea of your choice of equipment for windsurfing or kitesurfing.

After a few tacks you’ll be cruising up to the sandbar and enjoying freedom and remoteness, combined with a buttery soft water surface. On the way back you can practice a few caved jibes and with a little luck observe rays and sea turtles in their natural habitat.

Boosted by a tasty and healthy snack at one of the numerous food trucks that provide for your physical well-being at the spot, you start into the next adventure. On the way to the wave spot, some fresh coconut water will provide you with enough nutrients to surf the mast-high waves in side-offshore conditions in Manawa like a pro.

Finally, the sun sets on the beach, you grab a cool drink and watch the whales jump around off One Eye. The blazing red ball sinks into the sea and you head back to Le Morne, where you end your day with live music over pizza at Ocean Vagabond.

Following the motto “Eat, Sleep, Repeat”, this day will not be the only perfect day you experience on the sunny island.

What else does Mauritius have on offer?

Every good surf trip needs at least one balancing day to ease the muscles and get to know the country and its people better. The best tips for your trip are of course provided by the team of ION CLUB Le Morne.

There are hardly any limits to your imagination. Besides palm forests, volcanic landscapes and tropical fruit orchards, which you could already discover on the way to the spot, there are fantastic hiking trails to explore and hidden waterfalls to reach. Various beaches invite to stay and in nearby La Gaulette you can stroll through town a little. With your own rental car, you are particularly independent and free on excursion days.