Kitesurfing in Egypt, the best spots

Kitesurfing in Egypt, the best spots

Egypt and the Red Sea are a real paradise for kitesurfers, from beginners to freestylers, with an often steady and warm wind most of the year. The Egyptian coastline, from north to south, has some great kitesurfing spots, especially in the places we will discuss below. The best time for a kitesurfing trip is between March and November, but in winter it is not uncommon for the wind to also blow. The wind statistics are quite impressive in the land of the Pharaohs!

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Best KitesuRfing spot Safaga

Safaga is a small town located between the north and south of Egypt, on the Red Sea, a short hour’s drive from Hurghada airport. The mountain backdrop makes it a breathtaking setting, but what really interests us is the beach where we enjoy our true passion, kitesurfing! This beach is a few kilometres north of Safaga. The water is turquoise and translucent, with stunning colours and white sand. The water is widely accessible because it is more or less flat, at worst slightly choppy, even with strong wind, mostly blowing side off-shore. Beware of the coral areas fortunately marked out on the beach, but don’t worry, the spot is not dangerous, and there is a lot of sand under your feet once on the water. The wind usually picks up gradually in the morning, reaching 20-25 knots in the middle of the day during the peak season. Opposite Safaga beach, Tobia Island is also a great place to kite and is only a few tacks away. Downwinders and kite courses are organised through the local ION CLUB.Why not arrange a day trip to the magical spot of Soma Bay, 5 km north of Safaga, protected from the swell, with guaranteed flat sea and shallow water.

Best spot to practice the Kitesurf at El Gouna

The village of El Gouna, 5 kilometres north of Hurghada and a 25 minute drive from the airport, is the ideal place to spend your kite holiday with your family. The choice of hotels is colossal, some even have their own private beach. From all-inclusive pensions to breakfast-only hotels, find out as much as you can in advance so that you don’t end up too far from one of the city’s kitesurfing spots. At the farthest end, opt for a hotel within 10-15 minutes of the kite spots – in town or out of town – often at a more attractive price than at the beach. Tuk Tuks are available as taxis, and only cost a few euros. The wind blows side-shore most of the time, a little weaker than in Safaga. Two kilometres from El Gouna town is a long golden sandy beach, a huge spot and perfect for kiteboarding as you have a large shallow standing area. It is a paradise for kitesurfing beginners, but also for freeriders and freestylers who want to perfect their loops. As the wind is rarely present in the morning when the kite clubs open, why not ride a stand up paddle in the canals of El Gouna, a real pleasure to start the day! The village has a less authentic architecture than other Egyptian kite spots, but for those who like to go out to restaurants, have a drink and stroll around, the place is very lively and it is hard to get bored.

Having chosen to do your kitesurfing trip around Hurghada, let yourself be tempted by a 2 or 3 day trip to the Valley of the Kings and Queens, near Luxor and the Nile. This mythical place is known as a famous archaeological site, with many tombs of Pharaohs and their wives.

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Best kite spot Marsa Alam

In the south of Egypt, Marsa Alam has approximately 6,000 inhabitants, and an airport. Once your flight lands, drive down to one of the magical local spots, either at El Nabaa, 40 minutes to the south, or Hamata, in the same direction but a little further.

At El Nabaa, the kitesurfing spot is divided into several areas, and offers the possibility to learn, to practice freestyle or freeride in the lagoon, but also to go out of the bay and sail in the swell for the hardcore waveriders. The wind blows side-shore between 15 and 20 knots all year round, mostly during the day, and a bit stronger in the summer. If you like a kite trip away from the big resorts, this is surely the place for you! Sand as far as the eye can see, the mountains getting closer and closer for the beauty of the show, and crystal clear water. Think of putting your mask and snorkel in your suitcase…a giant and natural aquarium is offered to you. Ideally dive in the morning, since the wind is often absent at dawn, and yes, the lagoon will be only for you.

Another kite spot near Marsa Alam…Hamata! Even further south, approximately 1h15 drive from Marsa Alam airport, this incredible spot, still little known, is located in a natural park under the wind of a mangrove. It is a lovely lagoon 3 kilometres long at high tide. Here, there is no danger. The bottom is sandy and the turquoise water of the lagoon will not go beyond your shoulders. Unlike the spots in the Hurghada area, the best time to kite is from September to June, and the advantage here is that the wind picks up earlier. You can expect to be riding sometimes before the kite centres open – for the self-sufficient who have their own equipment – with a steady wind of 12 to 15 knots and a side-off direction. Then at the end of the morning, the wind turns a few degrees to become side-shore and strengthen to around 20 knots on average.

Near Hamata, let yourself be guided on an excursion to the Wadi el Gemal park. Marvel at the unusual scenery and breathtaking views of the Egyptian desert.

Best spot for kite in Dahab

At the foot of Mount Sinai, Dahab’s reputation as a great kitesurfing spot is well established. This ancient village of Bedouins and fishermen is just over an hour away from Sharm el-Sheikh airport. Its population of nearly 5000 inhabitants knows how to welcome you in the best way, as kitesurfers and windsurfers have been coming from all over the world for a long time to ride all year round in a setting that has remained almost authentic. The best time to get consistent wind is from March to December. Note that the kite spots are not in the village but 3 kilometres away, close to the hotels.

In summer, the wind is stronger thanks to the venturi effect provided by the environment and mountains. Sailing in the lagoon, flat and shallow water, bordered by a large beach of fine white sand … pure happiness! There are 2 main sailing areas, one for windsurfing and one for kitesurfing, separated by a large sandbank. The kite lagoon is large enough for your first kiteboarding lessons, and the conditions are ideal for building confidence. Independent kiteboarders are also welcome. However, the latter can also enjoy themselves on the so-called speed spot, located downwind of the windsurfers. That’s not all, as kitesurfers who love waves have the privilege of riding on the Napoleon reef, where the wind is often stronger, sometimes reaching 30 knots. The prevailing north-north-easterly wind picks up gradually during the day and is a bit less in the lagoon, but steady. Mask and snorkel are required to visit the seabed quite close to the shore, and stand up paddling is also possible before the wind makes its presence felt. Whether you are a family, a couple, friends or even alone, a kiteboarding holiday in Dahab is sure to delight you thanks to the beauty of the spots and the breathtaking scenery.

 As you can see, Cleopatra’s country is full of kitesurfing spots from the north to the south, passing through central Egypt. Beautifully coloured waters, from green or turquoise to deep blue, golden sandy beaches, mountains in the background, thousands of years old archaeological sites to visit, snorkeling, scuba diving. It is now very easy and so pleasant to spend an excellent stay in Egypt. The water temperature varies between 22° and 30°, and the air between 20° and 45° depending on the season. Sunshine is guaranteed on your kite holiday. As for travel, airlines such as Turkish Airlines, Pegasus Airlines, Transavia, Condor, Egypt Air, etc. and even charters fly from Europe to Egyptian airports. The visa is compulsory at a cost of 50 Euro, and can either be taken via a travel agency as part of a complete package, or directly on the spot on arrival, but you will have to stand in the queue and therefore lose some time.

Kitesurfing in Egypt is feasible for all levels of kiteboarders. The good weather and wind all year round only increase the desire to go there. Don’t wait any longer to go to Egypt, it’s a magical place to go at least once in your life.

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