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Location : JW Marriott Mauritius Resort

Season : All year round

Opening hours : Daily 9.00 am – 5.00 pm

A dreaming scenery: a white sandy beach, encircled by a lagoon of turquoise shallow water. The entire lagoon is ringed by a reef, at 600 meters from the beach. Depending on the tide, the water is sometimes so shallow in the lagoon that we cannot ride neither in the lagoon and reef. The lagoon has enough space for you to train on speed riding, jibing or waterstart.

Further out, the reef at Little Reef or Manawa will fulfill any special advanced wishes. We organise excursions on the Reef regularly. The world class wave "One-Eye" is only suitable for very experienced riders.



Looking for a Tailor-Made Trip ?






“At ION CLUB Prestige we focus on providing luxurious experiences. When learning to kite surf or surf with our Premium Sessions, our guests enjoy their first rides in waist deep, turquoise, private lagoons with the idyllic backdrop of Le Morne, with private boat assistance throughout. The spot of Le Morne is unique because its so varied. On one side of the peninsula you can find flat water, ideal for beginners and freestylers. Just around the corner you find yourself in a world class wave spot! There are conditions to please everyone here. We look forward to welcoming you!”

Emma Falconer


June, July, August, September, October, November


Sideshore from the left. Obviously we are not able to control the weather patterns but the Island has the benefit of a South Easterly trade wind which can be accelerated during the winter months by Anti Cyclone weather. The wind usually blows from east or southeast (sideshore from the left) and reaches a strength of 3-5 beaufort on average during summer in the southern hemisphere and about 4-6 beaufort during winter. In winter (April to October), the trade wind shows its best side. Between December and April there can be heavy rainfall.


The spot enjoys year round wind and waves with the peak between July and December. Mauritius has several excellent surfing spots, which can be reached directly from the centre. Surf rental is only available together with supervision and is only bookable on site. It is crucial that you observe our on-site team instructions, as the current, tides and waves may be somewhat dangerous, depending on conditions - and your safety is our top priority!

best spots in Mauritius

PRESTIGE / JW Marriott

A dream spot: a white sandy beach, a turquoise lagoon and shallow water. The whole lagoon is surrounded by a reef, which is 600 meters off the beach. Depending on the tide, the water is normally waist deep in most places enabling beginners and intermediates to concentrate on their skills.   Outside you can find two wave spots: “Little Reef” with modest waves and “Manawa” for experienced kitesurfers, which can be discovered with the help of an instructor to supervise should you want.

The famous “One Eye” is only suitable for experts.

Premium kitesurfing courses are conducted with your own private boat, skipper, and instructor. This can be customised to your needs including kite wave riding and private surf trips if the conditions allow. This also means there are many possible spots for courses to take place, depending on wind direction and your individual wishes. Video coaching and walkie talkies are used for guaranteed faster progression.

Having the private boat also allows you to escape the crowds, something many beginners find very rewarding. Learning kitesurfing has never been more safe and enjoyable than this luxury experience. The bespoke one to one service provided by our experienced instructor and skipper will add to your calm relaxing holiday whilst learning this adventurous fast growing watersport !


The kitesurfing and windsurfing area Le Morne is one of the best and most versatile, if not the most versatile area of the world.Here you will find on smallest space all possible kitesurf and windsurf conditions: from the shallow water lagoon, to the Small Reef along the Platin Rouge until after Manawa and
Chameau, or the famous wave spot One-Eye ; provides the location in the southwest of Mauritius a perfect Spot with perfect conditions for all skilllevels.


The lagoon in front of the center stretches 3 kilometres until it reaches the reef that forms a barrier to the open sea and extends up to 20 kilometres down the East coast making it the ideal place to experience some of the best down winders and excursions you could imagine. Due to the orientation of the coastline the spot is exposed to more wind directions than our other centers in Le Morne with the main wind orientation being side onshore from the right. This multi wind direction gives the spot a higher percentage of ride able days. Unlike Le Morne the spot in the North does not have the same issue with breaking waves and strong currents making it the ideal playground for those riders who would love to discover the waters of Mauritius and prefer open spaces and flatter conditions.



From the airport

Take the coastal road westwards towards Souillac and Chemin Grenier. The drive goes along the southcoast through Souillac, Bel Hombre and Baie du Cap towards Le Morne. After the village of Le Morne and after passing the mountain of Le Morne you turn left. You pass the hotels Paradise, Dinarobin and JW Mariott Mauritius Resort. Our ION CLUB Prestige center is located inside the JW Mariott Mauritius Resort.

Le Morne Peninsula, Coastal Road, Mauritius, Le Morne


The 7 Waterfalls

It is the largest national park in Mauritius. Famous for its waterfalls, vistas and hiking. This is an unique area which is also the location of one of the rarest forests in the world. It harbors about 311 species of native and endemic flowering plants and 9 species of birds, which are found only in Mauritius.

7 coloured earth

The Seven Coloured Earths are a geological formation and prominent tourist attraction found in the Chamarel plain of the Rivière Noire District in south-western Mauritius

Dolphin Swimming/Watching

Have a unique experience of swimming activity with dolphins in their natural surroundings!


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The story of the ION CLUB tells of people who have turned their passion for windsurfing and kitesurfing into a profession. Since its founding in 1985, customer orientation, team spirit, innovation and professionalism have been the top priorities of our corporate philosophy.
The ION CLUB / Club Mistral has gained a lot of experience in the 30 years of its existence and has developed more and more into a company that focuses on communicating with guests and fulfilling their needs and wishes.
With 17 water sports schools worldwide, we are one of the leading companies in this field. ION CLUB has a network of international partners in different countries. We strive to be international and multicultural and express this through the selection of our employees, who currently come from 24 different countries.

Frequently asked questions ?

Can we kitesurf right outside the hotel?

*Not unless the wind is blowing from the north direction...this is quite rare. Usually we have a south easterly wind which means at St Regis you get a very calm beach and sea protected from the wind. At our Windsurfing station and kitesurf lagoon station the wind is blowing! The public beach just 5 minutes walk from our St Regis centre is where the windy point begins.

How do we get to the kite lagoon from here?

We provide free transfers by car to the kite lagoon centre, it's only a 5 minute drive. You can send a whatsapp to the driver directly when you would like to go on the water.

How many times a day can we use the transfer? Can we come back for lunch break at the hotel and then return for an afternoon session?

Of course! We encourage you to maximise water time!

For the kitesurf Premium sessions, what are the advantages compared to the kite lagoon lessons and is there quite a big price difference?

Kite Premium lessons are a really great way to learn kitesurf. As well as being a real treat, the luxury way to learn. They ensure faster progression. You have your own Instructor at a senior IKO level keeping in constant communication with you through two way BB Talkin units, your own private boat and skipper. The sessions are for 3 hours and can really be tailored to your specific needs. The long stretch of blue lagoon is waist deep high, but the boat will still pick you up after each run to save your energy for the next ride! There are always refreshments on board and towels for extra comfort.

Can my partner and or family join me on the boat?

Yes of course, it's a beautiful boat ride and wonderful views of the Le Morne brabant backdrop against the shoreline of pristine white beaches and tropical trees. Just be prepared with a hat as there is no shade on the boat.