Where to kitesurf in DAKHLA ?

Full kitesurf spot in Dakhla at sunset in ION CLUB



Well to answer that question – we might need to explain where Dakhla really is. Although many of our fellow Kitesurfers must have heard the name before and maybe even visited the place, it´s still relatively new on the Kitesurf horizon.

When we stood seven years ago high above the huge lagoon at Dakhla, you could see only sand and water. Up until this time, a very few intrepid windsurfers and kitesurfers had found their way during a kitesurfing trip to this region in Morocco, adventurously spending their evenings and nights camping, and their days pretty much completely on the water. The motivation then – as now – is the amazingly constant wind and the huge amount of space in the lagoon.

Today, Dakhla is one of the hottest kite spots in the world. For sure, you are now no longer alone on the water, but a lagoon 4 km wide and 48 km long still has more than enough space to play in. The tents have given way to the much more comfortable wooden bungalows, but the atmosphere and the spirit from earlier times live on: The now world famous Dakhla as ever belongs to the kiters and windsurfers.



Our ION CLUB center is set on the north-eastern shore of the lagoon and the best spot for your kitesurf holidays. Thanks to the constant wind that blows the whole year from the north east, the absolutely flat water and huge space, this location really does have fantastic conditions. The terrace of the center is in a wind-shadow and is the perfect platform for non-surfing family members or partners to relax and observe the action. This destination is a real playground for entry level and experts alike.

Dakhla is not only home to kitesurfing and windsurfing, it is also excellent for wave riding and Stand Up Paddling. For those of you enthused by waves, there are many wave spots on the other side of the peninsula: we organise excursions to make the most of them.




Looking into the conditions more deeply, one will find a great variety in fact, suiting all sorts of different levels. No matter if you like to learn to kitesurf, are looking for a perfect speed spot, or world class waves, Dakhla kind of has it all. The windward part of the lagoon is extremely protected and perfectly suited for beginner and intermediate kitesurf lessons. Usually our ION CLUB Kitesurfing Instructors will organise a semiprivate lesson package for you, including radio helmets to provide you with instant feedback during your learning process.



For more advanced riders, we organise excursions to the nearby wave spot. Also there lessons are available and our instructors will be happy to make sure your first wave riding experience will be perfectly safe.

Should there be a windless day, then SUP and waveriding offer some good alternative action. There is a lot to discover and do here, even though you have that slight feeling of being at the end of the world.

From the centre we have a whole number of trips available: for down-wind lovers, we have the perfect conditions for a 17 km down-winder to the oyster farm, powered by the side shore wind that blows out into the open sea; trips are organised to the speed strip, to the White Dunes and other wave spots. Most trips will be accompanied by a safety boat, so you can be assured that you will be well looked after.

Worth mentioning though is that classical tourist attractions are nowhere to be found in Dakhla Morocco. The place is a UNESCO world heritage site and for all nature lovers, there are beautiful places to visit.

Getting to Dakhla became a lot easier recently. In the beginning direct flights did not exist and the minimum one had to do is to change plane, in combination with an overnight stop in Casablanca.

Today, during the season it is possible to fly directly to Dakhla from a lot of different airports within Europe. There are now regular connections to Dakhla and back with a very short stop-off in Casablanca. So it is still a trip, but one you will remember! The Dakhla experience is one, not Kitesurfer should miss.

“Our ION CLUB center is set on the north-eastern shore of the lagoon. Thanks to the constant wind that blows the whole year from the north east, the absolutely flat water and huge space, this location really does have fantastic conditions.”



In the planning of the bungalows at Dakhla, Seb of Ocean Vagabond paid special attention to their positive environmental and sustainable impacts: the whole complex was built with these two principles in mind.  On the roofs are solar panels to provide energy, as well as tanks heating water; there is a water recycling system and LED lamps throughout:  these are just a few of the examples of his commitment.

Pollution can also be visual, but these carefully built bungalows are optically some of the best looking places to stay in Dakhla.  In this idyllic place, everything is, so to speak, under one roof:  our ION CLUB, the restauarant and bar, beachbar, yoga retreat, children’s play park and the bungalows all blend perfectly into the landscape.

The highly motivated team helps provide a family atmosphere as well as a lot of life.  Full-board includes breakfast, lunch and evening meal in the centre’s own restaurant.  In the evening, the bar lends itself readily as a meeting place for like-minds across a broad mix of nationalities and the music helps you to get to know each other well.

This place brings relaxation and peace far away from everyday stresses.  It is a real experience to dwell in the desert, to surf in the large lagoon and at the same time to want for nothing.

The bungalows combine a private atmosphere with a fantastic view across the lagoon.  You can choose between the Pacha bungalows (1-3 persons) and the smaller Young Blood bungalows, which now come with their own bathrooms.


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For more information regarding your Kitesurf travel to Dakhla, please check out the information on our website. Furthermore, our support team will be always there for you to assist you with any questions you might have. We´re happy to help creating your perfect kitesurf holiday at ION CLUB Dakhla.


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