Kitesurfing and Windsurfing essaouira. Best spots!

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Kitesurfing and Windsurfing ESSAOUIRA. Best spots!


What is the best spot for Kitesurfing and Windsurfing in Essaouira? Well, there even if there might not be a simple answer to the question, we definitely know our favourites and are happy to share the with you.

Which is the best spot for you, will of course always come down to a matter of taste and personal preferences. However, since most of us usually like to have a lot of choice and don´t be limited in their decisions, we believe Essaouira is damn near perfect for a lot of different riding styles.

In fact Essaouira is not only one spot, but rather 3-5 spots – all very different when it comes to wind and wave conditions. So no matter if you are looking for rather easy and more protected conditions, wave spots for beginners or wave spots for expert riders, Essaouira will definitely deliver.



If you´re looking into kitesurfing or windsurfing in Morocco, you cannot miss Essaouira. The small coastal town of Essaouira on Moroccos atlantic coast, is lively, cool, oriental and fascinating in equal measure. An oasis for artists and real individuals. The architecture of the town has been strongly influenced by the Portugues, the French and by the Berber culture; this colourful mixture of cultures and peoples has left its mark on this town right up to today and is responsible for its unique flair.

The medieval outline of the protective walls gives the town an almost mystical sublimity and it is obvious, why the medina was voted a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2001. 

Since the 90’s this small town on the Atlantic has also been a magnet for Windsurfers, Kitesurfers and all other kind of Surfers from all over the world. Besides the outstanding conditions on the water, which are obviously the main driving factor for Windsurfers and Kitesurfers, Essaouira always had and still has until today that mystical atmosphere and feeling of adventure.

This might not be obvious on the first glance, not if you spend your afternoon in the blazing sunlight, enjoying an icecream in one of the modern Cafes in town.

But if you wonder off in the evenings and get lost in the maze of dark and tiny little streets of the old town, there it is, you can see, smell and feel the magic of this very special place.



Our ION CLUB is set in the sickle-shaped bay that extends for 3 km from the gates of the town. Depending on the tides, the sandy beach is more than 100 metres wide. Along the whole shore, you can reach the sea without any danger at all.  At no point are there rocks, cliffs, corals or other impediments.

The wind blows almost always sideshore from the right, except in Winter. In the Summer – and in strong wind conditions (Bft 7 -8) – the wind turns to blow slightly cross-off and becomes gustier as a result.

The ION CLUB is located on the perfect spot for advanced riders as well as intermediate and even beginners. The steady trade Winds, especially during the summer months make the spots in and around Essaouira legendary. In front of the Center and the Ocean Vagabond Restaurant Windsurfers and Kitesurfers will find reliable winds and perfect conditions for a safe start in the waves and an excellent place for their first jumps.

20 minutes drive from the center and ideally suitable for a day trip, there are more wave spots. Sidi Kaouki and Moulay bouzerktoun are spots with exceptional winds and waves. Morocco and the area around Essaouira in particular are just perfect for Surfers of each levels.

No matter if you´re looking for surfing lessons, or if you are already an enthusiastic wave experts. You will find everything you could hope for!

Summer time is the windiest season (April to October) and winter time is more the surf season with nice waves and lighter wind. ION CLUB is open all year round and provide courses and high quality rentals for kitesurfing, surfing, windsurfing, stand up paddling and wingfoiling.



Direct flights to Essaouira from Brussels, Paris, Marseille, Lyon , Bordeaux, London before COVID

At the moment direct flights  to Casablanca, Agadir or Marrakech leave most European airports every day. Flying time is around 3 hours and then it is 2,5 hours drive from Marrakech, 3 hours from Agadir and 4,5 hours from Casablanca.

 Summer time is the windiest season (April to October) and winter time is more the surf season with nice waves and lighter wind. ION CLUB is open all year round and provide courses and high quality rentals for kitesurfing, surfing, windsurfing, stand up paddling and wingfoiling.



Strapless kiting links kitesurfing and wave-riding more than ever. As a kite surfer you have an unbelievable variety of waves to choose from and in wave-riding you get that real directional thrill without straps. Strapless kitesurfing is gaining hugely in popularity, particularly as more and more wave-riders are getting hold of a kite.  Steering with bare feet requires a completely different technique, and this needs to be learnt.




When the wind is light or if you like flying, foiling is the new trend.

In ION CLUB Essaouira we provide foiling option in Windsurfing, Kiting, Stand paddling and Wing.

Our expert team is here to advise and teach how to enjoy flying. Essaouira during the summer months is just a perfect destination for windsurfers and kitesurfers.


We hope we got you interested in this great destination. If you have any further questions, regarding the best hotels, airport transfers, best time to travel, wind statistics and conditions, or what ever else, please check out the info on our website or contact the support team any time via live chat or phone.


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