Kitesurfing in Tarifa in October

Oct 15, 2020 | Kitesurfing, Tarifa

kitesurfer in tarifa in october



Every real Kitesurfer will have asked this question lots of times during his Kitesurfing career. Where should I go for my next Kitesurfing Trip? Which spot provides the best wind conditions, great, affordable accommodations, or a good nightlife?

Although online wind statistics provide a pretty good overview on where the wind blows during every given time throughout the year, there is a lot more to consider before making a choice.
Today we like to look into Tarifa, on the Costa de la sol. One of the capitals of Kitesurfing in Europe and home of some of the best Kitesurfers in the world.
In Tarifa the wind blows throughout the year with a very high consistency. Because of its location at the very tail end of Spain, Tarifa sits less than 15 kilometers away from Morocco. The Strait of Gibraltar creates a wind funnel between the two land masses which means Tarifa enjoys Venturi effect wind virtually all year round.
The most popular time for a kitesurfing holiday in Tarifa are the summer months between June and September. During the last years however especially autumn gained more and more popularity.


Almost all of the wind that blows in Tarifa is either Poniente or Levante. Poniente wind blows from the Atlantic Ocean into the Med, while Levante blows in the opposite direction from the Med out into the Atlantic. Poniente days usually see light winds in the morning, picking up to 15-20 knots during the day. Poniente usually is very constant wind creating side onshore conditions on most of Tarifas kite spots.

The famous Levante is a a try warm wind in Tarifa which easily reaches up to 30-35 knots. Depending on the Spot, Levante is either blowing full offshore, creating great flat water conditions, or sideshore with a little chop. On the beaches of Los Lances the wind is rather offshore while on Valdevaqueros the Levante is sideshore. Making Valdevaqueros especially for not so experienced riders the best choice.

What makes Tarifa one of the best places to go Kitesurfing worldwide?

Air and water temperature:

The average air temperature in October is 22 degrees Celsius, with water temperatures between 18-19 degrees Celsius. Wetsuit recommendation for Kitesurfing in Tarifa in October and November would be a 3/4 millimetre steamer.
How to get to Tarifa
Most of the Kitesurfers will fly into Malaga Airport. From there you can either take a bus, or more recommendable rent a car. Getting to Tarifa with a rental car will take you approximately two hours. If you decide for the public bus however, it will take up to 4 hours..
Another possibility is flying into Jerez or Gibraltar. Both of these Airports are great options too, but offer less flight connections than Malaga.


Where to stay in Tarifa:

Tarifa offers countless possibilities to stay. Travellers can choose to either stay in a hotel or one of the stylish little hostels or apartments. If you prefer the comfort of a hotel, we recommend to check out one of those places:
• Hurricane Hotel
• Punta Sur Hotel
• Los Lances Hotel
• La Residencia

Of course there are plenty of more options, but those ones definitely belong to our favorites. If you rather like to stay in a own apartment we strongly recommend checking out the Ocean View Villa. The Villa offers stylish garden studios with a stunning view over the Strait of Gibraltar. It´s very quite during the night, although it is in close proximity to the old town of Tarifa with all the bars and restaurants.
Other than that, there are countless of other possibilities of rooms and apartments to rent of course, but again the Ocean View Villa would be our first choice.

Last but not least, if you´re more the Hostel type of person, you will find a least five rather cheap possibilities to stay. The big advantage of choosing a hostel over an apartment or hotel is definitely the price. And especially if you´re travelling alone, the possibility of easily connect to other travellers during your stay.

Where is the best Kitesurfing spot in Tarifa for your level?

Where to Kitesurf in Tarifa


This of course is an easy question – WITH US of course 🙂 – the ION CLUB in Tarifa is located directly on the best spot at Valdevaqueros beach. The Center is equipped with the latest gear from the DUOTONE Kiteboarding range. Kitesurf rental and an extensive lesson program, as well as the possibility to store your own equipment is offered.
Our international team of professional instructors will be happy to help you during each of your session. They will make sure you´re safe and have the best possible experience on the water.

What else there is to do in Tarifa:

Tarifa is an outdoor sports paradise. There are some great bike trails with stunning views over the Strait of Gibraltar or the Atlantic Ocean. We work together with a professional rental company offering high-end Mountainbikes and guided tours.
If you´re more into hiking or climbing also here there are plenty of possibilities. From nice and easy hikes to quite demanding tours lasting several hours.
For a real outstanding experience, we strongly recommend to go for a sailing trip in the Strait of Gibraltar. Become part of the ION CLUB Crew and set sail from Europe to Africa. We will pass the rock of Gibraltar and set sail for the Moroccan Coast. The chance of seeing dolphins or whales on this trip is nearly guaranteed.
After a two hours sail, we will arrive on the African side of the Strait, in the harbour of Ceuta. A little stroll through town, a typical Moroccan lunch before we set sail back to spain again.

For us, Tarifa is one of the best places to go kitesurfing in October due to it´s diversity and range of possibilities it has to offer. No matter if you are Kitesurf Beginner, or an experienced rider. If you´re looking to party or do as much sport as possible. If you´re travelling alone, or come with your family.

Check out what else the ION CLUB TARIFA has to offer!



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