Kitesurf spot of ION CLUB Cabarete

The Caribbean wave spot at ION CLUB Cabarete


Driven by steady trade winds in the Dominican Republic

The Caribbean Sea stands out for its warm water temperatures all year round, giving you the option of windsurfing and kitesurfing in just a pair of board shorts. Moderate swell provide surfers with the perfect opportunity to work on their wave skills and take advantage of the clean sets for easy and safe jumping.

Discovered by windsurfers in the early eighties, Cabarete, in the north of the Dominican Republic, is now one of the best Caribbean wave spot destinations for surfing tourists from all over the world. Here you can look forward to palm-fringed sandy beaches beside the Atlantic Ocean, fruity cocktails and pura vida all the way.


What you should know about the wind and spot conditions in Cabarete

The fun starts right in front of the ION CLUB Cabarete watersports center. Windsurfers only have to cross about ten meters of fine-grained sand and can then directly beachstart into their session. For kitesurfers, there is enough space on the beach in a short distance to lay out the lines and get safely into the water of the bay.

The reliable trade wind blows sideshore or side-onshore to the spot, which makes the area especially secure. Due to a mountain range situated close by, the wind is further accelerated. The wind stability in Cabarete is very high so that there will hardly be a day when you have to come up with an alternative program to windsports.

On the spot you can expect a mixture of smooth flat water and moderate chop. If you prefer swell, you can easily surf out to the reef and ride some perfect waves. If you prefer a more sheltered area and still consider yourself a beginner or intermediate surfer, the ION CLUB at Plaza Caribwind is the place for you. Stand Up Paddling is also possible here.

Your surf infrastructure on the spot

As usual, the ION CLUB offers many advantages also in Cabarete. Kitesurfers can use the easily adjustable compressors to inflate their kites and can also park their kites in the shade and shelter of surrounding palm trees. Videoguarded lockers for the equipment are also available directly at the spot and keep the hotel room free of sand.

At Frontloop restaurant, there is plenty of space to relax between sessions and fuel up with its good, and healthy, food offerings. The tables overlook the spot, so you won’t miss any action on the water. For a refresher, you can always jump into the infinity pool and enjoy Caribbean-style tropical cocktails, freshly mixed. Of course, the center also has washrooms with showers right at the spot.

The ION CLUB Center Cabarete is easy to access from the main street in Cabarete and has its own parking spaces. Of course, you can also walk across the approximately four kilometers of beach from all sides towards the ION CLUB.


The best connection to the island

The former island of Hispaniola, now Dominican Republic, is easily served from all over the world. There are five international airports to choose from to reach the Eldorado of the surf community, including Santo Domingo, Santiago, Punta Cana, Samana and Puerto Plata.

The latter is only a 20-minute drive from Cabarete. Should you prefer a different connection, then the onward journey to Cabarete is also little difficult by cab, public bus or in your own rental car. Airport transfers can also be organized in advance by ION CLUB Cabarete directly.

Once you arrive at your destination, you usually won’t need a rental car, as everything is within walking distance. If you would like to explore the surroundings, you can spontaneously rent a motorcycle or car on site. An authentic Dominican way of getting around is the Moto Concho, a traditional motorcycle cab. This is probably the most pleasant mode of transportation to the surrounding countryside.

What makes the ION CLUB in Cabarete so unique?

The Surf Center’s motto is: “Your needs are our satisfaction”. ION CLUB Cabarete works according to this motto day by day. And nothing is easier than that, because the whole team loves their job and therefore the challenge to help you have a vacation as easy as possible.

All surf instructors know the island paradise like the back of their hand and therefore always have the best tips for their clients. Whether it’s about the spot characteristics and your perfect day on the water or about experiences on and around the island, that doesn’t matter. With the team of ION CLUB Cabarete you have a professional contact with best on-site knowledge at your side.

What makes Cabarete such an attractive place to live even for the locals?

The locals you will meet are either native islanders or have moved here from overseas. All of them have made an active decision to live in Cabarete because they love this heavenly place without any question. After a very short period of time, you will understand why.

One of the reasons is certainly that all water sports can be enjoyed superbly and without wearing wetsuits in Cabarete. The sun shines constantly and provides your skin with healthy vitamin D.

But also beyond its beaches, the island has a lot to offer. There is a beautiful natural landscape waiting to be explored. Mountains, waterfalls, tropical plants and forests characterize the scenery.

Local hospitality and the relaxed Dominican way of life will make you feel at home. The Caribbean flair gets under your skin and leaves you with a feeling of purest peace of mind and absolute balance. Anyone who has experienced this once will want to return again and again.

The perfect day at the spot

… starts with a sip of Dominican coffee or fresh coconut water. Both will give you that extra kick to start the day full of energy. With flip flops, board shorts, a good sunblock and a lycra in your kit, you can head straight to the shore and go surfing.

You may decide to go for a short beach run, to do yoga or go paddling on your perfect morning. Whatever activity you choose, it’s sure to be followed by a hearty breakfast on the beach with plenty of tropical fruit.

At noon you can relax under coconut trees or go foil surfing before the wind eventually kicks in. For this event you better save up some energy. No matter which discipline you choose, whether you plan a downwinder or a wave session in a group, expand your skills in private lessons or go freestyling alone: Kite- and windsurfing in Cabarete is always a highlight.

For weary bones, a distraction on solid ground will help. Visit the old part of town called “Callejon de la Lloma”, go horseback riding, mountain biking or fishing. A trip to Mount Isabel in Puerto Plata, which you can reach by cable car, offers a fantastic view over the region and the Atlantic Ocean.

To end the day, go back to the beach, enjoy a cool drink with friends and family, and choose one of the fantastic dining options. It’s up to you whether you indulge in Indian-Dominican cuisine at the Bluemoon restaurant, go to the beach BBQ at Frontloop restaurant, or eat sushi or pizza. Make sure you don’t miss the starlit night sky over Cabarete afterwards. If you decide to do some partying, you can embrace the new perfect day in the light of the rising sun.


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