The best conditions in Le Morne’s shallow water lagoons

finest conditions in the ION CLUB Prestige

Private lessons at the ION CLUB Prestige Centre on the spot of Le Morne

From April to October when the winter months are passing in the southern hemisphere, you will find the best conditions on Mauritius to learn kitesurfing or to fast-track your level in absolutely ideal conditions. Just a ten minute drive from the village of Le Morne, the St. Regis Mauritius Resort is the best starting point for an unforgettable kitesurfing holiday, in ION CLUB Prestige.

On one hand you can enjoy the white sandy beach and the crystal clear warm water lounging on the hotel beach sheltered from the wind, and on the other you can encounter the absolute flat water paradise a few hundred metres away from the coastline. You reach this area by motorboat and in the company of your private instructor, who, with his many years of experience, will tailor the course to your individual needs.

Once in the lagoon, you will find waist-deep flat water that maximises your learning progress. Your coach supports you with the use of walkie-talkies and video analysis to help you reach your personal goals even faster.

What you should know about the wind and spot conditions at ION CLUB Prestige

In Le Morne, two of the all time favourite surf spots are located right next to each other. Shallow water spots are not far from the wave spots of Little Reef, Manawa and One Eye. So, fans of both freestyle and wave riding will enjoy themselves just as much as beginners, intermediates and pro´s.

Although renowned spots such as Manawa and One Eye are unsuitable for beginners, beginners will get their time at Little Reef, where the wave breaks over deeper water so that corals do not pose a risk of injury. Moderate to strong winds of 15 to 25 knots further enhance wave progression and ensure a controlled progression.

The ION CLUB Prestige Centre is committed to finding the right conditions for your level and needs at all times. Tailor-made service awaits you at the spot. 

From April to October when the winter months are passing in the southern hemisphere, you will find the best conditions on Mauritius to learn kitesurfing or to fast-track your level in absolutely ideal conditions.

Le Morne : the infrastructure on site

The small watersports centre is located on the grounds of the St. Regis Mauritius Resort, which is directly on the beach, not far from the entrance to the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean.

Just outside the ION CLUB is a small jetty, which is the starting point for the Prestige Sessions. Those staying at other accommodation will be picked up by a private shuttle transfer to take advantage of the luxurious private sessions just as easily as guests at the St. Regis. In reverse, you can be taken from the St. Regis to the main centre of the ION CLUB Mauritius in Le Morne at any time, as the driver is always on call for you.

The ION CLUB Prestige is equipped with the latest rental equipment and accessories for success, and also has practical storage boxes that allow you to conveniently leave your equipment on site. This keeps your room free of sand and surf equipment. There are also showers right on the beach and a drying room for all wet items, making things even easier for you.

The best route to Mauritius

This beautiful island in the Indian Ocean is a long way from anywhere. Nevertheless, the journey here is pretty easy and uncomplicated. If there is no direct flight to Mauritius from your location, there are connecting flights from Dubai to Mauritius several times a day.

Once on the island, you can be in Le Morne in just over an hour from Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International Airport. Driving your own rental car is very easy to navigate. If you don’t have a rental car, each hotel can arrange a suitable airport transfer. Should you wish to include a special highlight on your dream holiday, there is also the option of a helicopter flight to the resort, arriving into Le Morne at the heliport.

Kitesurff lessons with boat in front of ION CLUB Prestige

What makes the ION CLUB Prestige so special

The vision of the Prestige Centre is to provide a unique luxury and first class service for all guests. Whilst at every destination the ION CLUB offers top quality service and personalised instruction with passionate instructors, at ION CLUB Prestige this is taken to another level and you will be looked after like a VIP.

The equipment will be laid out and prepared before each of your booked sessions and your physical well-being will always be taken care of with your favourite snacks and drinks on board. Even the video clip you receive at the end of your kite holiday with some of your best moves and riding techniques from the ION CLUB Prestige will be soundtracked by your favourite song.

Why is Le Morne also a paradise destination for locals?

Once you have become a watersports instructor in Mauritius, you will not be interested in going anywhere else any time soon. The coaches at ION CLUB Prestige have often come here out of curiosity about the concept, with the ultimate goal of creating the best experience for each client. Of course, the obvious draws are things like offering private instruction at a five-star resort with a white sandy beach on the doorstep.

Then there is the untouched beauty of the island, not only in Le Morne. With each additional year spent in Mauritius, one discovers more and more magical corners of nature.

The mentality of the people is another plus. Everyone is helpful, warm and has a great sense of humour. If you like fish, you can enjoy the small street food stalls with fantastic octopus curry. The local fishermen also sell freshly caught seafood straight from the boat.

The main attraction for any keen surfer is the spot at Le Morne itself, as the constant wind conditions and beautiful scenery are second to none, and never get old. 

boat on the spot of ION CLUB Prestige

What it takes for the best day on site

As a guest at the ION Club Prestige, be sure to stay in a beachfront room at the St. Regis Mauritius Resort. The day begins with a sunrise yoga session. This is followed by a private boat ride and a surf guide to take you out for an early morning paddle. Then you have a perfectly balanced breakfast with heaps of exotic fruits and plenty of time to unwind.

When you’re recharged, come back to the Prestige Centre for a full day of kiting on the sandbank – as usual with a private boat and instructor. You’ll learn new moves in no time and say goodbye to inefficient routines. Watching sea turtles in the lagoon is a special highlight. On the way back to the resort, a wave downwinder with a private escort boat is a wonderful way to get hooked.

After an eventful day, treat yourself to a special kitesurfing massage at the spa of the St. Regis Mauritius Resort to relax your exhausted body. To round off the day perfectly, a sundowner on the beach is a must, followed by a superb dinner in one of the resort’s own restaurants. It really doesn´t get any better than this!

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