Why is Alaçati a windsurfing paradise?

windsurfers on the spot in front of ION CLUB Alacati

Alaçati, where is it?

Alaçati is in Turkey! This beautiful 2 km wide bay is located at the western end of the country, not far from the town of Çesme and only 80 km from Izmir. The Aegean Sea which borders the local coastline has crystal clear turquoise waters and makes the bay a real paradise for windsurfers as the wind blows regularly, mainly in summer. Everything is on hand for beginners to expert riders to have an absolutely fantastic windsurfing holiday!

Why go to Alaçati for windsurfing?

The local climate is very warm during the summer and the water temperature is 25°, so it’s finally time to get into your summer board shorts! Leave your wetsuit at home, especially in July-August because it’s time to get your picture taken in true free windsurfing mode.

Be prepared to sail every day as the wind does not rest much. It is also possible to windsurf in May-June and September-October in Alaçati. The wind is a bit lighter and of course the temperatures are lower, but there are still fabulous conditions to practice your favourite sport.

The Turkish landscapes, the architecture of the region and the hospitality of the locals make Alaçati a surprising and very endearing place. You will understand why ION CLUB has settled here, more precisely on the part of the bay where the wind blows the best, and offers optimal sailing conditions for windsurfing.

The atmosphere, both on land and on the water, is warm and friendly. A change of scenery is guaranteed with an easily accessible spot, wind to ride safely during the day, and calm evenings to relax. Or why not more lively evenings where you go into town to taste a Turkish speciality or maybe have a glass of raki, the local aniseed drink.

Non-sporty people and history lovers will also be delighted with their stay in the Çesme region thanks to its rich history and multicultural past.

The Turkish landscapes, the architecture of the region and the hospitality of the locals make Alaçati a surprising and very endearing place. You will understand why ION CLUB has settled here.

What are the sailing conditions in Alaçati?

The dominant wind, especially in summer, is the Meltemi which blows side-shore and gradually strengthens during the day. Although it is from the north, it is not cold. Your departure from the beach, in front of ION CLUB Alaçati, is on the port side, left foot forward.

A steady wind blows into the bay. The windsurfers’ area is in shallow water, so you can easily take breaks between tacks. No matter what your level of windsurfing you can tack as much as you like. The almost flat water offers perfect conditions for beginners, freestylers and freeriders who simply want to make long tacks of about 500 m, the length of the pass in front of ION CLUB.

Why come to ION CLUB Alaçati for windsurfing?

From the age of 12 and up, the ION CLUB centre in Alaçati welcomes you from mid-May to the end of October, from 9.30am to 6pm, and remains open throughout the day.

With courses for all levels (including freestyle instruction), as well as windsurfing and stand up paddle equipment rental, there is no shortage of choice for sailing on the magnificent spot that makes Alaçati one of the best known places in Europe for windsurfing and freeriding, or simply sailing on an easy, windy spot with a very light chop. By the way, a windsurfing world cup stage is organised in Alaçati every year, and not by chance!

The ION CLUB team has heaps of good advice about the spot, and the fully qualified windsurfing instructors will help you discover this incredible water sport, or help you to progress quickly until you surprise yourself! The team will help you to choose the right equipment according to your level and the prevailing wind strength. For those who want to start freestyling or for those who want to improve their moves, your dream can come true thanks to the ION CLUB Alaçati.

A wide range of recent Fanatic boards and Duotone sails are available, and in excellent condition. 50 meters separates the ION CLUB centre from the launch.

Of course, nothing prevents you from storing your own equipment at the centre. It will not be necessary to de-rig your sail every day, and the equipment is monitored 24 hours per day. As a member of the ION CLUB, you will of course have access to the changing rooms, showers and toilets. Everything you need to feel easy and comfortable at your new home spot!

windsurf on the beach in front of ION CLUB Alacati

Why you will have a good windsurfing holiday in Alaçati

On the border with Europe, Turkey is accessible by many air routes. Izmir’s Adnan Menderes airport is your nearest point of arrival, and it is only 1 hour away from Alaçati. To discover this little corner of Turkish paradise that local and European windsurfers love so much, a transfer can be organised or a rental car is possible, the road to Çesme is well signed.

The wide choice of accommodation in Alaçati allows everyone to have a good holiday close to the windsurfing spot. If you want to be the first one on the water, you can choose the Alaçati Beach Resort or the Biblos Resort Alaçati, both of which are less than 100m from the ION CLUB. Everything is done to minimize fatigue and focus on your well-deserved windsurfing sessions.

One could almost believe that the spot was made to measure. The Meltemi wind is lighter in the morning allowing the stand up paddlers to go out on the water, as well as the beginners windsurfers to practice their first tacks under the supervision of the centre’s instructors.

Late morning and the afternoon are more for freeriders and those who like strong sensations, especially speed freaks or freestylers who show their stuff at the water’s edge to impress the whole beach! Don’t worry, swimmers also have their own swimming area separate from the windsurfing area.

The village of Alaçati, only 6 km north of the windsurfing spot, is a great place to meet up with family and friends at the end of the day and enjoy one of the many delightful Turkish dishes.

The village with its many flowers is very special as you take a walk through its small streets and admire the many mills that populate the area. It’s time to breathe, to rest your body, to be in good shape for the next day and to go back to surfing on one of the spots that may become one of your all time favourites for freeride windsurfing.

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